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  • Ayurvedic Physiology of Eye

    External environmental acquaintance with the living body is executed by five sense organs namely netra (eye), karna (ear), nasa (nose), jivha (taste buds), and twak
  • Samprapti of Netraroga

    Before considering the Samprapti of Netraroga, I would like to highlight the following important points. Importance of equilibrium of Dosha- The homeostatic condition of Dosha,
  • When will you say that “Netra is afflicted by Vitiated Dosha”?

    Turbidity/avilata, oedematous look of eye/sasarambhata, frequent watering of eye, itching, profuse secretions/upadeha, heaviness/guruta indicates Kapha vitiation. Burning sensation indicates Pitta vitiation. Redness indicates Rakta vitiation.
  • What is the need of a good Shalakya Text Book?

    Why do you need a good Comprehensive Text Book of Shalakya Tantra? I, Prof. Dr. Narayan J. Vidwansa, started my career as a teacher in
  • Staying Healthy with Ayurveda

    Ayurveda has slowly gained prominence because it is trusted system of healing that has no side effects at all. It is often used in conjunction with