Netraroga Vidnyana


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Based on syllabus prescribed by Central Council of Indian Medicine, New Delhi. Very elaborative and pointwise detailed description of all Ophthalmic and E.N.T. and Oro-Dental diseases from Ayurvedic and Modern Science in Very simple and clear English-a comprehensive study. Self Explanatory diagrams, Sketches, and Coloured photographs are given. All important verses from Bhruhatrayi and Laghutrayi are included which are very much BENEFICIAL in solving M.C.Q. in any competitive Entrance examination.
Important Keywords are given in Italic or Bold. Point wise operative procedures are given for better understanding and can be easily reproduced. The brief description of each disease along with the principle of treatment is given in TABULATION FORM at the end. It is useful for better understanding, memorising and for differential diagnosis. Many complicated/confusing conditions and disorders are elaborately described and explained in detail by comparing them with modern science under the heading “Author’s Special Comments”. It will help in understanding the condition clearly.


  1. General Description.
  2. Netra Sharira and Kriya Sharira.
  3. Sandhigata Roga.
  4. Vartmagata Roga.
  5. Shuklagata Roga.
  6. Krushnagata Roga.
  7. Sarvagata Roga.
  8. Drushtigata Roga.
  9. Other Disorders.
  10. Kriyakalpa.


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